There is no doubt that the life we have in our childhood is a lot like winning the lottery. You really have no way to control what kind of environment you will be born in. A lot of people fail to make the most out of their lives because they are born in very difficult environment where they never saw anything but bad examples and they never received enough guidance from their father or mother figure that could help them find their way in the world.

Women will usually have an even harder time being able to adapt to the harsh streets that they grew up in and this can lead to choosing the wrong kind of friends and to dropping out of school, drinking and doing drugs amongst a large number of other issues that can really ruin someone’s life.

My name is Grace Amazin and I know what it is like to grow up in this kind of situation and to have to endure harsh conditions. I also know exactly what it takes in order to be able to see things clearly and to get out of that vicious circle and start building a better future. This is my way of giving back after all the things that I had to experience.

The Street Goddess Project is meant to help anyone who is struggling with any kind of situation that is not allowing them to find the right path towards a life of success and happiness. The Street Goddess is a woman who was born for better conditions and has the kind of personality that can help her become a successful person, but life put her in a different path and now she has to be able to find her way back to the kind of lifestyle that she was truly meant to have.

Nothing can be more of a tragedy than to see young and promising women get caught up in a lifestyle that will keep them from finding success and I want to make sure that they gain the proper mindset to always conquer their fears and stand strong and proud.

The streets were very attractive to me because it was a lot easier to get lured by that life when you have no guidance or support system in place growing up. Unfortunately, all things that are worth doing will require effort and sacrifice, but once you manage to wake up and you get out of that life, you tend to be extremely grateful for being able to see clearly. I endured a lot of difficult times in my journey and I want to be able to provide guidance to girls between the ages of 13 and 19 to help them make a huge change in their lives.

I plan to meet up with them once a month and help them understand the value of becoming entrepreneurs, the kind of struggles that they will have to face and how to be able to use their mind and their common sense to avoid ending up pregnant at an early age when they still have no career and they need to have as much available time as possible in order to work hard to achieve their goals.

Life can be extremely unpredictable, but I have been given the gift of providing wisdom and guidance to women who have suffered similar situations to the ones I had to go through. There is nothing more rewarding than to see other woman being able to make the most out of their lives and to turn into adults that are able to break free from their past and turn their life around to a bright and inspiring future.

The street goddess is a woman who was born a queen and a goddess, but somehow in her life journey she decided to choose a different path and this caused her to lose sight of the goddess within herself. The truth is that we are all born queens, but it is up to us to bring out the goddess within us.

With Love,

Grace Amazin