What We Do

We serve to provide young women and men of the global community seminars and mentoring centered on the universal issues that require immediate solutions. We help teenagers steer clear of temptations from the streets and instill the importance of positively contributing to society on children from unsupportive households.

Our programs emphasize:

  • The importance of surrounding yourself with favorable and productive company by demonstrating how both positive and negative peer pressure affects one’s choices
  • The power of consistency in accomplishing a larger goal by adjusting daily habits
  • The duties expected of a good role model when guiding their mentee in the right direction to achieving their goals
  • The application of money management and business strategies through entrepreneurship, advertising, the principles of e-commerce, and an introduction to promising industries 

A few of our operations include:

  •  Clothing drives and donations
  •  Condom distribution
  •  Peer mentoring
  •  Take a teen to work and business outing day
  •  Leadership and speaker presentations
  •  Seminars with artists, musicians, fashion designers, and business leaders
  •  Art appreciation and social outings