What We Do

At Grace Period, our purpose is to inspire! We empower underprivileged children and adolescents to dream big and set incredible goals. By sharing the stories, knowledge, and wisdom of relatable figures in the many communities we serve, we educate and empower these areas’ youth to rise up and meet their full potential. Our mission is to show them that they can take their hardships and challenges and turn them into something amazing and thriving.

We focus on the many ways that we can help improve the lives of those in communities all over the world through a comprehensive approach. This includes everything from expressing oneself through art, learning about how to conduct business, and of course, staying healthy – eating right, exercising, and promoting mental health. Through our multiple programs, we help teenagers steer clear of the many dangerous temptations from the streets while instilling the importance of positively contributing to society.

Our programs emphasize:


  • The importance of surrounding yourself with those who will have a productive and positive influence on your life while demonstrating how positive and negative peer pressure can affect your life choices.
  • Combining art, business, and other necessary skills to help create new goals, stay focused on positive achievements, and interact with like-minded individuals throughout their communities.
  • The power of consistency in accomplishing a larger goal by creating or adjusting daily habits.
  • Hands-on and interactive learning to give young adults a front-row seat to some of the professions highlighted within our programs.
  • The duties expected of a good role model when guiding their mentee in the right direction towards achieving their goals.
  • How networking, marketing, and social media can be used responsibly to meet new people, share ideas, and positively impact the world.
  • The application of money management of money management and business strategies through entrepreneurship, advertising, the principles of e-commerce, and an introduction to promising industries.
  • Learning how to make the most out of limited resources such as school computer labs, local libraries, and social media marketing and networking.
  • Focusing on embracing current situations and learning how to grow from them with determination while embracing the laws of attraction.

A few of our operations include:


  • Clothing drives and donations
  • Condom distribution
  • Peer mentoring
  • Taking young adults to work and businesses throughout the day
  • Leadership and speaker presentations
  • Seminars with artists, musicians, fashion designers, and business leaders
  • Art appreciation and social gatherings