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Grace Period® is a 501 (c)(3) not for profit organization founded in 2010 by Grace Amazin. Having struggled beyond a less than graceful childhood, Grace has endured many of the same challenges that the youth our organization serves faces. 

Growing up as a teenage runaway in the streets of Washington D.C., she was surrounded by gangs, violence, and drugs. In many ways, Grace became a product of her environment. Determined to overcome the conditions set against her, Grace set forth to build an empire. Through her devotion, she has founded Arzo Enterprises, the parent company of Necessary Presence Media Company and Arzo™ Clothing & Accessories Line within Arzo Boutique.

Under Arzo Enterprises, she also founded our very own Grace Period®  in order to stretch her philanthropic interests. Grace Amazin serves as a role model for Grace Period®’s mission of providing assistance to underserved children and young adults all over the world.

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