Many studies have shown that exposure to the arts from a young age leaves a positive impact on the youth. Art has the power to yield the artist’s freedom of expression and touch its audiences. It can also foster cultural awareness. For some people, visualization is a necessary component of their learning. Being able to see different cultures through art will help them become well-rounded in their understanding of the world outside of their community and also build personal connections.

Art has also been proven to heal. This is possible because it may be used as a calm activity to promote relaxation, and overall improve mental health. Even amongst people that do not make a career out of doing art, it is a good quality pass time.

With these ideas in mind, this class was designed for young adults to hone into the expression of their feelings by developing artistic skills. Resources are supplied and instructors come in to demonstrate technical aspects of drawing such as light, volume, and perspective. Local artists also come in as guest speakers to discuss the way that art has changed their lives. Through them, students gain insight on the ins and outs of the art industry.