Does your child show an interest in making new inventions, coming up with new ideas, or creating new business opportunities – lemonade stand anyone? Entrepreneurship 101 is a program that is designed to help and enlighten underprivileged youth with strong values and an enduring vision to pursue their biggest dreams. Grace, our founder, has used her passion for entrepreneurship and the tremendous impact that it has had on her life to creating this program to inspire growth, forward-thinking, and big dreams in the children who need it the most.

So many of our students do not have the opportunities or resources to learn more about essential avenues within entrepreneurship, such as technology, social media, innovation, and market ventures. We teach our students how to maximize the resources that they do have, such as using their school computer lab or public library to access databases and other forms of information.

This program teaches the importance of both individual and social responsibility. Our students learn about what it takes to start their own business, including things like licenses, taxes, branding, marketing, and advertising. Most importantly, this program instills the importance of contributing to the community and making a positive impact through business.

We know that our students have more difficult and challenging upbringings than the average adolescent, which is why we strive to create a space in which they are introduced to new opportunities and resources that will help them further develop their skills and passion. This includes meeting business owners, gaining a broader knowledge of how businesses operate throughout different industries and understanding the scope of entrepreneurship. These introductions to knowledge and first-hand experience are crucial to helping adolescents realize what is required for them to open and operate their own businesses someday.

By offering countless resources and learning opportunities, we strive to help our students understand the incredible power they hold within themselves to give back and make positive changes to their communities and others in need around the world through innovation and business. This is achieved by showing them how they can create new opportunities for the people and communities that need the most help. In Entrepreneurship 101, our students learn how to become resourceful and intelligent leaders that conduct themselves with integrity and respect. Most importantly, they learn how to see the opportunity hidden within unique challenges so they can take these lemons and make lemonade.