From Grace’s experience, entrepreneurship has provided a tremendous impact on her life. Inspired by her growth, we created Entrepreneurship 101 in order to enlighten young adults with the right values and vision to pursue their dreams. 

We understand that many of our students may have limited resources, so we share different ways they can take advantage of living in the age of technology and the power of networking. Often, schools and public libraries will have computers and databases that can be accessed for free so we teach them how much they can access through the internet and social media.  

Most notably, this program instills the importance of leaving a positive impact on one’s community. Entrepreneurs are able to help their local community by providing jobs and financial support to charities. While our students may have a difficult upbringing, we hope to remind them of ways they can end the cycle for future generations through business ventures. 

We strive to change the mindsets of the youth so they believe in themselves, by inspiring them to overcome barriers and seize every opportunity before them.