The Fashion 101 program combines elements of both entrepreneurship and art, by explaining the ins and outs of the fashion industry. Many people consider how they dress an extension of their personality. Like in art, fashion can be used to display how they express themselves and build confidence.  

The fashion industry is not limited to design. It is a multifaceted industry that requires a  collaboration between designers, textile workers, advertisers, social media influencers, merchants, and the consumers. Guest speakers come in and students learn the many ways they can participate in the industry depending on their talents and interests.

We understand that it may be hard for youth with impoverished backgrounds to have access to many things, so resourcefulness is encouraged in Fashion 101 as much as in the other programs we provide. The students are given tips on how to find materials for making clothing and accessories, using YouTube as a tool to learn DIY projects, and where to find creative inspiration around them.