What We Do

We serve to provide young women and men of the global community seminars and mentoring centered on the universal issues that require universal solutions. We help teenagers stay off the streets, stay away from drugs and gangs, and help kids who are the product of non supportive homes. We focus upon, in part:

  • Entrepreneurship, how to be a positive contributor to society, business management, and advertising through cutting-edge and progressive visual display, including, but not limited to industries including fashion, buying, and principles of e-commerce, money management, and business agreements;
  • The power of positive and productive friends and associates – role playing scenarios to demonstrate the importance of positive and constructive personal choices in life situations involving peer pressure;
  • The purpose of caring role models who demonstrate the benefits of direction, guidance, and how to remain focused upon and achieve goals; and
  • The lessons of learning by doing – how to use daily time in small increments to achieve any goal.

Day to day operations include: clothing drives and donations – condom distribution – peer mentoring – take a teen to work day – business outing day – leader and speaker presentations – seminars with artists, musicians, fashion designers and business leaders – face to face peer mentoring – art appreciation and social outings.

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