Grace Period™ 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit Organization

We are humans first and then Christians, Muslims and Buddhists, and as humans the religion we are all bound to follow is humanity. Helping someone in need is humanity. We are all born and bred under different situations with dissimilar financial conditions, but understanding the pain of needy and helpless should be the motive that unifies all the humans under one banner. Less fortunate children who belong to underprivileged families deserve not only financial assistance but our love and care as well. When around the world holidays of Easter, Christmas and Thanksgiving are celebrated with joy and festivity there are some families who do not get a chance to be a part of such happiness. Grace Period™ is a non-profit organization, which aims at helping such families and children who deserve equal rights of happiness and celebration. The founder of this organization Grace Amazin™ herself shares the painful story of her childhood when her family went through a rough time. Grace’s family did not celebrate the Christmas for religious reasons, but grace wanted the toys, just like every other kid. Because of their situation, Grace’s parents could not afford to buy their children toys. When all the kids in the street were happily sharing their stories of toys and gifts she did not have much to talk about. At that period in time organization as hers helped her family receive gifts and toys which put the smile back on her face which was lost in the abyss of poverty and sadness. Grace now feels blessed to serve the people who are encountering the same situation as she once did and does her best to facilitate those in need. On November 20th, 2015, Grace Period™ held a Thanksgiving Toy Drive party, which aimed at collecting toys that were to be given to DC community or other communities who needed it but couldn’t voice their plea. Now again this Friday, December 4, 2015 from 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm, Grace Period™ has partnered up with Virginia Williams to distribute the toys, that were collected in the toy drive party. Grace Amazin™, when started this organization understood the fact that there are many families out there who are left behind in the race of life and she feels that money should never be a reason for any family to never be happy. “Sometimes we get stuck in unwanted situations when we plan to do something great and circumstances do not allow us to do that. Similar thing happened to us last year when we organized a toy drive party to ship the toys to Jamaica. Our organization took a big financial loss and without the resources, we didn’t have the funds, so couldn’t ship the toys,” said Grace. “We are distributing those collected toys to the kids this Friday. Everybody deserves to have the basic necessity of life, which besides food & shelter is happiness and love first.” Not every time those donations are flooded, but many a time support fall short to be given to underprivileged families. Under such conditions fundraiser events, parties are held and donation campaigns are run to collect funds, school supplies, toys amongst other daily necessities, which can be used in aiding the mission and given to communities in the District of Columbia, Jamaica or anywhere the organization chooses to help. “As humans, I feel this should be a must and definite task in our lives because when we bring happiness in other people’s life only then we ourselves are happy,” Grace Amazin™.

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