Grace Amazin

CEO, Founder and Chairwoman
Grace Period – A Non-Profit Organization
A dynamic, young, female entrepreneur, philanthropist, and humanitarian of international lineage, Grace Amazin chose the business model path to garner her success.  As she did so, Grace kept relentless focus on how to give back to her community along her journey.  She chose to highlight the strength of her mind and to pass a message of strength and achievement to other young women and in time, her creed emerged:

Dream, Wish, Hope & Desire
Do not just talk, Do. Do not just watch, Lead. Do not just receive, Give.
It was never easy.  On her own since the age of 15, and taking care of herself since age 12, Grace’s personal journey epitomizes the adage, “Life did not promise you rose garden.”  Grace began her journey from humble beginnings.  A native of D.C., Grace saw eroding duplexes, gangs, violence, and drugs.  By all accounts, she did not have a “good” upbringing.  She was a run away child, she lived in group homes without positive role models, mentors, or guidance. Life in the urban city was hard.  Grace watched many friends go to jail, die, and turn life over for the worse.  In many ways, Grace became a product of her environment.  She dropped out of school, she did not have a stable home and she could not do normal teenage things so she chose the streets, “The streets raised me, I am a product of the streets.”  Through it all, Grace always had a good head on her shoulders and her Islamic faith was deeply rooted and prevented her from going too far to the left or too far to the right.
Grace persevered on her own.  She went to Armstrong Adult Education School and achieved her Diploma.  What does a survivor do…they keep moving.  Grace kept moving. After selling Famous Amos cookies and M&M’s door to door, Grace worked in the car industry as a teenager doing secretarial work while other kids were at school.  A survivor can stumble and Grace ended up homeless.  She slept in cars and at any house of a friend.  “I was trying to find my way in life and society.”  Her niche began to take shape in her life.  “I always loved fashion and music … always a hustler … never a corporate type.  I wanted my own business, I knew it would take me where I wanted to be…independent…in charge of my destiny.”  The rub is to be smart and attractive and that those attributes work in a positive way.
Then came the offers by King and Smooth magazines to promote her physical and to sell sex.  “I did not want to let the industry abuse me.  I was tired of how the entertainment industry portrays women so I did not choose that route.”  Grace chose her route, to work hard, to be focused and to get from life what is her decision and her life to determine. Grace emerged.  Like a rose between two slabs of concrete.
At 26 years of age without partners or others, the first venture for Grace materialized when she opened 4NXC (Foreign Exchange boutique) in heart of D.C.’s U Street corridor.  Next, Grace stretched her burgeoning business savvy and philanthropic interests and just barely 30 years old, Grace launched Arzo Enterprises (which in several languages means: Dream, Wish, Hope & Desire) parent company to her own Arzo™ Clothing & Accessories line with Arzo Boutique, Grace Period Non Profit, and Necessary Presence media company (which represents emerging artists in every talent in Washington, D.C. and Kingston, Jamaica) to follow.
The empires of Grace Amazin stand on a foundation of high standards, moral strength, and resilience. Grace is an evolved world adoring humanitarian and a philanthropist who values the importance of giving back to her community and to the underprivileged children of the world. Grace Amazin’s philosophy is that what you put out to the universe will come back to you in 10 fold.

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