About Us

Grace Period™ is a 501 c 3 not for profit organization founded in 2010 by Grace Amazin™. An ambitious businesswoman and entrepreneur who serves to be a positive role model, having struggled above and beyond a less than graceful childhood. Grace Amazin carved out a career and evolving businesses to address her own personal growth and to develop her personal strength and commitment to youth.


Our youth deserve an opportunity to step away from conflict and discord, to turn their attention to their burgeoning lives, ripe with potential, and step into their full ability in balance of giving and receiving. Our organization serves to introduce to our youth the power of attraction – that what you think about you bring about. We will show our youth that if they think about, if they work at, and if they visualize and picture in their mind their particular dreams, their dream will manifest in their life. Accomplishment is easier than it appears. A positive future is achieved when it first begins in the mind, when it is worked toward with concrete action, and with empirical effort.  Our aim is to teach youth to reach and to do, to pursue and to go after their dreams. Grace Period’s creed is simple: in life, we all need a grace period so we organized Grace Period.

Grace Period is dedicated to providing young men and women (primarily grades 9-12) with informational tools and support to challenge their best abilities to be entrepreneurial, independent, productive, confident, and charitable in today’s global society. Based in Washington, D.C. and in Kingston, Jamaica, our goal is interlaced with the commitment that giving is as important as receiving – that the measure of true achievement is a combined effort between personal triumph and giving back to our under served communities that nurtures future success. We strive to utilize interactive media and communications that link our objectives with other organizations for optimal global outreach. In life, we confront obstacles and challenges that vary in nature. Each person needs different tools to confront their particular challenge and often need a grace period from strife to recovery and to recuperate. In life, we all need a grace period and we organized Grace Period to serve that purpose.


Grace Period™ works collaboratively with Arzo™ Enterprises ~ Boutique Small Business Branding, Consulting & Marketing Firm www.arzoenterprises.com which is also the parent company of Shop Arzo™ ~ Accessories, Clothing & Jewelry Line, Fashion Truck & Online Boutique www.shoparzo.com; Necessary Presence™ ~ Multi Media Agency www.necessarypresence.com

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